The temperature is perfect, the people GAME OF THRONES TARGARYEN Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 are friendly and there are endless amounts of things to do in Guanajuato, making it a must visit destination in Mexico.

1. Wander The Colourful Lanes2. Visit The Mummy Museum3. Enjoy A Show At The Theatre4. Visit The Alley of cover iphone con disegni The Kiss5. Go On a Food Tour (one of the best things to do HELLO KITTY ARTIC Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 in Guanajuato for foodies!)6. Wander Through Diego Rivera Home7. KATE SPADE DON'T KILL MY VIBE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 Ride the Funicular8. Go Shopping9. Check Out The Churches and Cathedrals10. Visit the DODGE SRT Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Alhndiga de Granaditas (art and history museum)11. Join a Historical Walking Tour12. Explore The MinesNow You cover iphone cellular line Know What To Do in Guanajuato

1. Wander The Colourful Lanes

Guanajuato INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IH LOGO PLATE cover iphone 6 hakuna matata Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 is a well designed city with COACH NEW YORK FLOWER Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus plenty of plazas and squares, and leading away from migliori cover iphone 6s plus those squares JEEP RETRO Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 are many lanes and alleyways just waiting to be explored.

The colours of the buildings are bright and cheerful, and the little streets are endless.

You may get lost in the labyrinth of streets in the hills, and if so, just wander downhill until you eventually arrive in the center of town.

The center of the city is pedestrian only, meaning you can explore without worrying about vehicles, exhaust or loud horns honking.

So, where are all the cars They underground!

That right, there hardly any traffic in Guanajuato due to the network of tunnels beneath the city.

These tunnels were initially built to prevent flooding of the nearby Rio Guanajuato (river) from damaging the city, but today the tunnels are now protecting the city from traffic.

This makes Guanajuato one of the most enjoyable cities to walk around in.

Walking around and exploring on foot is one of the best things to do in Guanajuato for sure. Put your phone away, and don worry about Google Maps here getting lost is all part of the BIG LEZ SHOW MIKE NOLAN Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus fun.

2. Visit The Mummy Museum

Of FORD MUSTANG GT SPOILER Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 all the attractions in Guanajuato, visiting a museum filled with mummies is definitely the most cover iphone 5s ferro offbeat.

One story says that CALVIN AND HOBBES Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus these people had to be dug up from the cemetery in order to make room for new bodies.

Another states that a perpetual burial tax was issued and those who couldn afford it, had their beloved family members dug up and moved.

Regardless of which story is true, what JON SNOW Game of Thrones Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 was discovered wasn skeletons as planned.

Due to the large amounts of clay and limestone in the ground, KATE SPADE OWLISH BLACK Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 the bodies became mummified!

Every GREEN DAY ROCK BAND Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 local person you talk to will tell you to visit this museum, which houses over 100 mummified bodies. Mexicans are obsessed with death and their infatuation with A DAY TO REMEMBER HOMESICK Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 this museum only helps to prove that.

Westerners may find it a bit eery, creepy and sad, cover iphone 4s bumper as we not as comfortable with death as other cultures are. Regardless of how you feel, it a very interesting museum and one of the weirdest things to do in Guanajuato…