Thomas J. Longtian and Christine Longtian, 326 Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, he: avionics technician, 910th Air Wing; she: homemaker; liabilities, $47,955; assets, $24,780. Kevin Lewis Shingleton, aka Kevin L Shingleton, 7444 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown 44512 and Becky Sue Shingleton, aka Becky Shingleton, 2200 S.

Granite Countertop The situation is said to be easing around Marseille, declared a disaster area, but is critical in other areas.Deputy Foreign Minister Renaud Muselier, a regional deputy, told France 2 television there were concerns for the wine growing region around the River travertine flooring tiles Herault, where the water level continued to rise early on Thursday.”As far as Marseille and the Rhone Estuary is concerned, we are over the worst. But around the Herault the catastrophe is continuing,” he said.Mr Muselier blamed global warming for the catastrophe, which appears to be a repeat of similar flooding during storms last year.”It seems clear the climate is changing,” he said.Flood waters and high winds have disrupted road, rail and air traffic and four nuclear power reactors have been shut down due to flooding along the River Rhone.After his visit, Mr Chirac said: “Faced with this new catastrophe, I would first like to think of the victims, of those who have been lost, of those who have beenevacuated, to tell them that they can count on the nation’ssolidarity right now. And afterwards.”But the river level was gradually dropping after reaching record levels on Wednesday and the army was brought in to help patch up leaks in dykes along its banks.”We have identified several breaches which allowed flooding onto farmland but these are now under control,” the Rhone Estuary prefecture said in a statement.Around a 250,000 people in the Gard region, around the city of Nimes, were told not to drink tap water because the flooding may have made it too contaminated to drink.Firefighters have had to rescue people trapped in cars, houses and trees by the water.The Red Cross has set up emergency shelters for around 700 evacuees and the Secours Populaire Francais charity has urged the public to donate to a fund it had set up to helpthose hit by the disaster.I am spending the year on a university exchange programme in Marseille. Granite Countertop

Marble Tile Because of the graphic nature of the video, WLOX News Now will not be showing any part of it or linking to any posts describing it.According to Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania, the video that’s still online has been viewed more than 48,000 times. He believes the violence that’s often shared and spread through social media is the reason why incidents like this continue to happen.”It speaks loudly about our culture,” Papania said. “I wish people would look at just how warped our society has become. Marble Tile

Granite Tile But he has never played better football than he did for an hour yesterday,” the Daily Missoulian gushed.Paul Dornblaser never got the chance to be a veteran. Is a fitting time to tell the story.”The World War I centennial is kind of a chance to rediscover personages who are held in rather high esteem in their time but over the years have kind of slipped into antiquity,” he said. “Dornblaser is an example of this surge of men who volunteered from Montana, which I’ve been told had per capita the most soldiers of any state in World War I.”Montana was “very much a young man’s state,” Jones said.”The physical labor of mines, logging, ranching and farming required a concentration of young men, and most proved to be very patriotic.”The American Legion Post 101’s traditional Veterans Day ceremony at 10:15 has been moved from the county courthouse lawn to the pavilion at Fort Missoula Regional Park, a stone’s throw from the military museum. Granite Tile

Artificial Quartz stone The number of tomato worms they could produce could ruin my plants and put the kabosh on my tomato crop for good. I went into action and clipped every one of the curled leaf cocoons. These insects make their home in their food supply. “In Braga they pray, in Porto they work, in Coimbra they study, in Lisbon they govern and in the Algarve they play” goes the saying but don’t only stick to the cities and the seaside. Explore the wide plains of the Alentejo, where storks nest on every chimney and black pigs roam free under oak trees; megalithic dolmens dot the landscape and fortified medieval towns are illuminated against the clear night skies. Artisans are at their greatest in this region; weaving rugs, making cheeses, bottling fruity olive oils Artificial Quartz stone.