Moreover, companies may find themselves with increasingly limited job candidate prospects if they insist on rigid standards of behavior during their employees’ off hours as future generations of Internet savvy workers enter the labor market.Please continue to the next page to read more about developing an ethics policy, and the “triple bottom line.”The “Triple Bottom Line”Adapting the so called “triple bottom line,” approach, also known as 3BL, directs companies to look beyond yearly or quarterly stock dividends to consider “people women’s jewelry, planet and profit” in developing a business ethics policy. Ethical and socially responsible companies should evaluate the impact of their company’s policies on the social welfare of the people in communities where they are located, along with environmental concerns, according to the 3BL model.However, the idea has come under sharp criticism from commentators such as Wayne Norman and Chris MacDonald, who claim that it is impossible to measure social impact in any meaningful way. Assigning a dollar value or another measurable standard to company ethics strategies is subjective at best.

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