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hermes replica handbags Normally Patrick Colligan and the colleagues he spent the weekend with would be the ones responding to reports of an active shooter. history.Colligan, the president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, was one of a dozen law enforcement union leaders in Las Vegas for a seminar at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.”We’d seen a security guard witha police officer running through,” Colligan said in a phone interview Monday morning. “Cops in cities don’t generally run like that. Then we started seeing cops withlong guns.Colligan and his law enforcement colleagues, meanwhile, had no idea of the carnage unfolding. to catch a shuttle to the airport.A view from Mandalay Bay of the concert venue where a deadly shooting occurred late Sunday. (Photo: courtesy of Patrick Colligan)Colligan soon saw the security and officers running through the hotel, then heard the policeshouting,”32nd floor! 32nd floor!””People were ducking. I don’t think people knew what was going on. I certainly didn’t know,” Colligan said. The casino was evacuated, he said, but it was still unclear why. “It was kind of like controlled chaos. People were running, and they didn’t know what they were running from.”Colligan and a fellow member of the NJPBA went outside and made their way to the parking deck. There, Colligan opened Twitter to see reports of Replica Hermes Belts an active shooter, “which surprised me,” Colligan said. He did not hear any gunshots, he said.He saw police officers holding their guns, which indicated to him that the area was not secure. But “not knowing and not having a radio was odd,” said Colligan, a 25 year law enforcement veteran.Video shows Jason Aldean realizing there was a barrage of bullets being fired during his concert in Las Vegas. Katherine Van Buren, who was recording the Facebook Live, said strangers took her into their hotel room after they escaped the shooting.USA TODAYColligan made his way next door to the Delano Hotel, where a colleague had a room on the 27th floor, hesaid. He sent a text message to his wife and three children, knowing they would wake up to the news of the shooting, to tell them he was OK hermes replica handbags.