Large and in Charge: Gamzee, who is over fourteen feet tall as an adult and holds the title of Grand Highblood. Word of God confirms he’s the largest troll in the fleet. Meaningful Name: Pretty much all the trolls introduced have names relevant to what they are, such as Abutor Vulnus, whose name literally means To Abuse/To Wound and The Observer who resembles a helmsman but made for Empire wide spying than a power source and her real name is Compes Lector, which translates to Chained Reader.

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They look cool, and you’ll probably look like a complete badass when using them, but, on the other hand, they require getting up close and personal with enemies to use them. In a shooter. Which means most enemies will have guns. Celebrity Edition: An episode of Family Feud against a team of disco divas. It has become an Ascended Meme by the official YMCA website, which uses the dance on their “About Us” tab. Early Installment Weirdness: They don’t spell YMCA with their arms in said song’s video.

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